How to Clean AlSiO Coated Front Surface Mirrors

How to clean AlSiO coated front surface mirrorsIMPORTANT NOTE: Cleaning risks scratching the reflective surface of an optical mirror. If possible, avoid touching the mirror surface altogether and use a rubber bulb to blow dust off the surface. A bulb may be purchased at a local photography store.

If further cleaning is necessary to remove finger prints from the mirror surface, start with a soft tissue such as a plain white Kleenex. Fold the tissue first in half along the main crease and then again into a 1/4, 1/8 and finally a 1/16th of its original size.

Wet the Kleenex with lacquer thinner (which may be purchased at your local hardware store) by inverting bottle of lacquer thinner over the tissue a couple of times. Tissue should be wet for wiping, but not dripping wet.

Gently wipe the mirror surface with the tissue to remove dust particles and finger prints. Do not wipe the entire surface and try to keep wiping to an absolute minimum as it may cause light scratching. If done correctly, this method should not leave any streaks or spots.

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