1/4 Wave Mirror, 1" x 1", AlSiO Coated

Our 1/4 wave mirrors are manufactured from fine annealed borosilicate glass and come standard with an AlSiO coating (aluminum with a protective SiO overcoat). Other coatings for various optical wavelengths available upon request.

1/4 Wave Mirror Specifications

Length (mm) 25.4mm +/- .254mm
Width (mm) 25.4mm +/- .254 mm
Thickness (mm) 6.35mm +/- .500mm
Material Fine annealed borosilicate glass
Side 1 1/4 Wave @ 632.8nm
Side 2 Fine Grind
Scratch and Dig 60/40
Edges Ground/Light hand seam
Coating AlSiO
Custom Optical Mirrors

In addition to our in-stock optical mirrors, Advanced Optics provides custom fabrication and free engineering services. We can also provide custom shapes, apply bevels and even drill holes to meet various demanding applications. Need a custom coating? No problem.

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