Precision Square Optical Mirrors

Our optical mirrors are manufactured from either Borofloat 33 or Supremax 33 which provide low thermal expansion, high thermal resistance and impressive chemical durability. Advanced Optics square optical mirrors are polished to 1/4 wave to meet various demanding applications. All are aluminum coated with a protective SiO overcoat and are available uncoated as well.

Many of our square optical mirrors are available in-stock for immediate shipment. See a list of our optical mirrors below:

Square Optical Mirror Specifications

  • S1: 1/4 wave at 633nm
  • 60/40 scratch/dig
  • S2: Fine ground
  • Dimensions: +/-0.5mm
  • Thickness: +0.5mm/-1.5mm
  • Material: Low expansion borosilicate glass
Length Width Thickness
25.4mm 25.4mm 6.35mm
50.8mm 50.8mm 9.60mm
76.2mm 76.2mm 9.60mm
101.6mm 101.6mm 12.70mm
127.0mm 127.0mm 15.90mm<