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Optical Windows

Full Range Optical Window Solutions

Optical Windows available in a wide variety of substrates, providing optimized performance where you require it most either in the UV, VIS, or NIR spectrum. Advanced Optics is a leading manufacturer of optical windows and has been crafting high-quality, affordable optical windows for more than 50 years.

Whether you require one of our many catalog windows or need a custom fabricated optical window, from prototype to production, let Advanced Optics be your trusted partner - You can depend on our 100% outgoing inspection, on-time delivery, and unmatched customer service, all at competitive prices.

Available in-stock optical windows

Our optical capabilities allow us to provide:

  • Optical windows made of low expansion BOROFLOAT® 33, fused silica, B270, and N-BK7®
  • Parallelism < 2 arc seconds
  • Surface quality to 10/5
  • Uncoated optical windows
  • MgF2 and multilayer anti-reflective optical coatings as well as custom coatings tailored to meet individual application requirements
  • A broad range of in-stock optical windows as well as the capability to manufacture custom optical windows and prototypes

Optical Window Applications

Optical windows are excellent performers in aerospace, military and commercial avionics, scientific and medical instrumentation, academics and research, as well as industrial applications.

Whether you require a custom fabricated window or one of our many "off-the-shelf" optical windows, call us today for a competitive quote!

Need help correctly specifying an optical window?

Optical windows are transparent, optically flat substrates used to separate two different environments while still allowing light to pass through. They may be either parallel (used to minimize the distortion of a transmitted beam of light of a specific wavelength) or wedged (used to direct transmitted light at a specific angle and reduce back reflection) and come either uncoated or with an anti-reflective coating used to reduce reflectance and improve transmission.

For an optical window to perform as expected, having a good understanding of your application (as well as specifying the correct optical characteristics) is essential to reducing costs and procuring the perfect window.

Careful consideration should be given to the following and provided when requesting an optical window.

Optical Window manufacturer

Select Substrate

Soda-lime Glass
B 270®
D 263 T eco
Fused Silica
ULE® Low Expansion Glass

Determine Physical Characteristics

Tolerances for LxWxT or diameter
Scratch and Dig
Edge Bevels

Establish Accuracy

Surface quality:
Available 1/4, 1/10, or 1/20 wave

Wedged or Parallel
Parallelism available to
< 2 arc seconds.

Clear Aperture

Choose Coating

Wavelength or wavelength range of interest

Percentage of reflectivity required at a specific wavelength(s) at a specific AOI.

For more detailed information on how to properly specify an optical window, please visit our page: 10 Steps to Consider when Designing Your Optical Window.

Careful consideration of each step will enable the manufacturer of your optical window to clearly understand your requirements and provide you with a faster and more accurate quotation.

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